Installation Instructions
For Windshield Sun-Visor Strip

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1.  After cleaning windshield good, spray down windshield with a soap mixture (couple of drops of Joy, Dawn, or Baby Shampoo to a gallon of water in a spray bottle)
2.  Saturate winshield with soap mixture
3.  Peel windshield strip apart
4.  Spray down lightly so you have some of the mixture on the vinyl sun visor
5.  Carefully place the windshield strip over the windshield
6.  Spray mist of mixture on top of vinyl strip and squeegee to get out all water bubbles
7.  Dont rush this step, make sure all bubbles are out! (later they will be "locked-in")
8.  Make sure the edges are squeegeed down
9.  Use a razor or razor knife to cut any excess decal left over
10.  Allow razor to slide along outside gasket
11.  Peel off excess material before it dries, then again squegee the edges
12.  Peel the second decal
13.  Take your second decal and spray it down with the same mixture as before
14.  Line it up straight with the windshield strip
15.  Squegee and remove pre-mask
Be Proud
- You Did It -
vinyl stripes and graphics


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